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Compress large data volumes down to one tenth of the original file size (includes optimization scripts for MicroStation, etc.) without losing any data. VRML / X3D data is automatically reduced in structure and scope with the taraVRoptimizer. Thus, while keeping the look of the 3D model unchanged, a higher performance of the 3D display is achieved even by large 3D scenes or complex machines in taraVRbuilder or taraVRcontrol.

This optimization method has yielded improvements of

  • 1:30 in frame rates
  • 10:1 in file sizes
  • 2:1 in RAM usage
  • 2:1 in loading times.

Automated optimization and performance improvement

3D content that is to be used further is usually provided from 3D design or architecture systems. This data is extensive and in great detail. To use the data in a real-time visualisation system as well, the degree of accuracy and complexity of 3D-CAD files can be reduced with the aid of taraVRoptimizer, after they are transferred from the native 3D CAD system to the VRML / X3D format directly or through conventional conversion tools.

Functions of taraVRoptimizer

In the taraVRoptimizer, many functions are prepared with which the CAD file can be optimised automatically by various criteria. The nominal size of the file is reduced by up to 90%. Internally, the structures for the future 3D animation are processed in taraVRoptimizer in such a way that the performance of content display (measured in frames per second) is increased considerably.

Use of taraVRoptimizer

taraVRoptimizer is used in the virtual commissioning outside the taraVRsoftware products and for basic VRML / X3D optimisations. In particular in conjunction with third-party products (e.g. conversion module PolyTrans of Okino), native 3D data formats such as DWG, Catia, DXF, STEP, JT, 3DMax, ASM, etc. can be transferred from taraVRoptimizer. This is why we offer the taraVRoptimizer as a stand-alone product as well. In the software family of digital factory, taraVRoptimizer is thus entitled to its place.

As with all software products of tarakos GmbH, the licensing costs are very low and the running costs are very economical too. taraVRoptimizer eliminates the need for manual optimization by 3D specialists.

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