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taraVRviewer 2019 - english

As part of the tarakos product initiative in 2019, the Viewer has also been completely redesigned and is replacing the older versions of taraVRviewer with effective immediately.

The corresponding current taraVRviewer 2019 is available for download free of charge until further notice on the website of tarakos

Uninstall older Viewer versions and install the latest version. The new taraVRviewer 2019 makes it possible to see taraVRbuilder projects as virtual reality scenes.

What is new in the taraVRviewer 2019

Modification of the projects is not possible. The user can virtually move in the scene, start and stop animations with different time factors, open prepared sightseeing flights or fixed locations. The taraVRviewer is identical to taraVRbuilder with respect to operation and handling and therefore the taraVRbuilder user does not need to rethink. There are some functions that have been extended and now taraVRbuilder project files (*.tpd) and taraVRbuilder project zip files (*.tpz) can be loaded in the taraVRviewer.

Compared to the old taraVRviewer, additional 3D navigation options are available and switching on and off of the dimensioning feature of the 2D overview window and the project tree is possible.

The new taraVRviewer 2019 also shows *.tpd and *.tpz files of older taraVRbuilder versions. The "old former" special taraVRviewer files (* .tvr) are no longer used and hence an extra export in this format is no longer necessary. Please always use the latest version of taraVRviewers 2019 because files of later versions of taraVRbuilder 2018 cannot be loaded in older versions of taraVRviewer.

Have a look at the 3D simulations and animations of logistics and factory planning, which you have created with the taraVRbuilder 2019. Share production-planning results with other project partners, who can also "immerse" into the 3D environments created by you in this way.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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