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3D Vizualisation - Visual representation of processes & procedures

System designers used to need pen, paper, and a lot of patience to present realistic depictions.

With 3D visualization, a realistic overall picture of a factory, system, or machine can be displayed quickly and easily with the right tools. 3D visualization software can handle a wide variety of tasks and is indispensable in the field of industry 4.0.

3D Visualisierung

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3D visualization: What do we mean by that?

A 3D visualization is a graphical representation of text, numbers, images, and more. Structures, processes, and concepts can also be visually depicted.  This is particularly advantageous in factory planning and optimising workflows. Users of 3D visualization software are thus able to illustrate complex logistic processes and identify problems early. The combination of virtual reality technology and 3D visualization also opens up completely new possibilities for users.

Advantages of 3D visualization at a glance

3D visualization is an integral part of what is called "industry 4.0" and the digital factory. The objectives: to improve efficiency, optimise workflows, and save costs. 3D visualization software has become an indispensable part of daily routine in many industries. The reasons for this are due to ease of use, high quality, and the extensive range of adaptions.

Users also benefit from many other advantages:

  1. Precisely planning processes: With 3D visualization software, it is possible for the user to graphically recreate each work process: from delivery of the materials, to storage and production, to logistics. Connecting the individual processes can thus be visualised and optimisation is further enabled. You get an overall picture of the production and distribution steps and test them in the software before they are put into use.
  2. Make the hidden visible: When using 2D objects, you can only access a specific camera angle. This limitation is eliminated with the use of 3D visualization. Various positions and zoom levels can be selected freely and allow the user the freedom to choose. You can thus closely follow any animation.
  3. Insight before product launch: 3D visualization gives employees and customers the opportunity to use high-quality images and video before the product is launched. In the software, there is a function to export high-resolution video sequences quickly and easily, which means they are perfect for presentations and product introductions. You therefore have a marketing tool long before production even starts.
  4. Usability: The taraVRbuilder already has a large database of components and objects to present processes in the areas of industry & logistics. Users can use the software without programming and CAD knowledge and create 3D designs. All elements in the database can be dragged and dropped into the virtual environment and thus visualise a factory and complex processes.  
    3D visualization provides factory planners with valuable results early on. Problems can be evaluated in advance before changes are made to the workflow or a new factory is built. The calculated values are especially useful for material flow planning and material flow simulation.

Applications of 3D visualizations

  • Planners
  • Production, logistics
  • Conveyor technology manufacturers
  • Training companies

Scope of our software for 3D visualization

TaraVRbuilder is a comprehensive software program for 3D visualization for fast realisation of virtual industrial and logistics facilities. Numerous animation and function parameters can be set and altered individually. The extensive library with over 500 supplied objects enables factories and work processes to easily be constructed via drag and drop. Within the scene set, the user can move freely and look at the processes from different perspectives. The support of the virtual reality glasses "Oculus Rift" gives planners, employees, and customers the opportunity to immerse themselves in the scene. Production and logistics can thus be experienced first hand.   

Strengths of the taraVRbuilder at a glance:

  • 3D visualization for factory planning, material flow simulation, and material flow planning
  • Simulation of intralogistics, conveying operations, and production operations
  • Presentation and analysis of time performance and timing of production
  • Extensive library with already prepared configurable objects
  • Animation already available in the objects
  • Easy to import 2D and 3D data
  • Cost-effective solution due to low investment and qualification threshold
  • Extensive video editor for exporting video clips for presentations

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