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taraVRbuilder: Creation of dynamic virtual production and logistics systems

Stay a step ahead of the rest in all your bids for production and material flow planning services. Generate leads more efficiently with taraVRbuilder. taraVRbuilder is the software tool for easy and fast creation of dynamic virtual production and logistics systems as well as for planning in the context of the "Digital Factory" and "Industry 4.0". The extensive libraries of more than 500 objects are crucial for fast and easy setup of systems using "drag and drop". In addition to extensive conveyance and production technology, many production goods and goods that are to be conveyed are available or have to be imported from 3D systems.

To differentiate yourself in a fiercely competitive market, you have to present yourself right and show what you know – from the moment you submit your bid.

Design in 3D. Lead your clients through a virtual world filled with their production systems – and watch your competitors try to keep up with 2D drawings.

Your benefit

  • Simple 3D visualisation for logistics, factory planning & more
  • They impress with an attractive presentation
  • Inexpensive and quick solution
  • More planning and investment security

Strengths of taraVRbuilder

  • Application without programming and 3D CAD skills
  • Low investment and qualification threshold
  • About 500 prepared parameterisable objects
  • Animation included in the objects
  • Simple simulation of conveying and production processes
  • Time behaviour of production plants
  • Distribution and merging strategies
  • Production according to sequences and schedules
  • Simple deriving of video sequences

Workflow with taraVRbuilder

  • Import of 2D or 3D data (e.g. layout, floor plan, building)
  • Selection, positioning using "drag and drop"
  • Parameterisation of individual objects or groups of objects
  • Insertion and parameterisation of buildings and spare parts
  • Specifying views and sightseeing flights
  • Definition of animation for sources, material flow,
  • Machine time and distribution
  • Setting of analysis functions with display of flow rates
  • Start and progress animation in real time or in slow motion / fast motion



Extensive animated logistics and production libraries

  • Conveyor systems, portals and robots
  • Vehicles, forklifts, driverless transport systems etc.
  • Shelving and storage devices
  • Stacker cranes, shuttles and mobile racks
  • Persons
  • Electric monorail and Power and Free
  • Machines

Further static libraries

  • Pillars, walls, platforms, walkways and stairs
  • Fences, buildings, ramps and gates
  • Cabinets, tables, computers, etc.
  • Goods to be conveyed, machinery parts

Extensive functions

  • Import your own 3D-models
  • Enhanced simulation functions
  • Connection to VR-Headset
  • AML interface
  • Planning space


  • Attractive dynamic 3D presentation
  • Tours and sightseeing flights through the virtual system
  • Animation with Start / Pause, time lapse and slow motion
  • VR scene for presentation in free viewer
  • Videos for presentation in commercial video players
  • Schedules and throughputs in Excel format

Usage examples

  • Car body-sequence store in automotive industry
  • Bowl and pallet transportfor food industry
  • Feeding for machine tool and waste removal for manufacturing systems engineering
  • Logistic simulation game in education
  • Animation and simulation of production concepts in furniture industry


The taraVRbuilder has been available in the market for more than 15 years. Tarakos is constantly developing the software in close consultation with customers and partners. By doing this tarakos reacts to the constantly evolving logistics sector.

Users without programming or CAD experience can quickly create 3D visualisations which allows for more safety in planning and investing. In the context of industry 4.0 and digital factory modern 3D simulations are created which show efficient results in planning factories or flow of material. Amongst other things the taraVRbuilder allows for the turning of objects in 3D, the individual display of control strategies and the use of the same waypoint for different routes.

Hardware and software requirements:

Standard Windows computer W8 and Windows 10 with 3D-graphics card