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taraVRcontrol: Connect your WinCC-Tags with the 3D models

Connect your WinCC-Tags fast and easy with the 3D models. Integrate a real 3D scene in your conventional WinCC Graphics Designer.

Using the editor of the software tool taraVRcontrol, you can bring together the 3D objects into a single scene and combine these with process variables, e.g. from a PLC or OPC server. The 3D scene then runs in animated form depending on the external control signals in taraVRcontrol-Run-Time module (real time operation, no edition option). The position of the 3D models in the X, Y and Z-direction, the rotation of an object, its size, colour etc. follow the control signals from your automation technology.

Control the 3D Scene with your 2D user interface.

Simple application with a range of systems

The taraVRcontrol run-time module can be used alone or be integrated into your program environments such as net, VB, or in process visualisation systems as DLL, COM or Active-X components. One special equipment is the "3D Visualizer" developed by tarakos for the Siemens WinCC system. Here the taraVRcontrol functions have been embedded as an add-on in the WinCC system. 3D objects can be controlled via WinCC tags.

As 3D models, scenes from the taraVRbuilder, the taraVRoptimizer or from your 3D CAD systems (Autodesk, Catia, Solidworks, PTC, etc.) can be used. Internally, the taraVRcontrol software uses the 3D animation format VRML / X3D, an ISO standard, allowing the conversion of your native CAD formats into VRML / X3D format directly or via commercially available conversion tools.

User-friendly process visualisation for automation technicians

The user-friendly interface of taraVRcontrol Editor allows you to handle the 3D models intuitively and pragmatically as an automation technician and their coupling to your automation process without having to closely deal with the special 3D technology.

With the options provided by taraVRcontrol software, your process visualisation or program environment can be quickly and easily extended and upgraded in an online 3D scene. 3D models can be derived from your 3D design and used directly. Hence, the 3D content is available to you.

Economically and quickly to the destination with taraVRcontrol

The low license costs for the taraVRcontrol software make costly in-house development unnecessary. You can achieve the goal of 3D online visualisation quickly, economically and reliably with the proven tarakos software.

In compact training courses of tarakos GmbH in our or your premises, you can quickly and easily learn how to use the taraVRcontrol software. The assistance in embedding the tool taraVRcontrol into your programming system or the development of special interfaces to your IT world by our specialists is a matter of course.

The taraVRcontrol software is also used in systems for the virtual commissioning, in large production control systems in the automotive industry and in CNC-controlled tube bending machines with collision analysis.