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3D Simulation - plant design for industry and logistics

The progression of globalization and rising competition lead to product life cycles that are much shorter…


The production facility, however, resides in a rising process of the continuation and variation. The 3D simulation is a very good possibility to master this challenge and is part of the Industry 4.0. In the operation of the factory design and the factory operation can be applied to software structures, processes, and resources mapped and therefore provide a realistic planning.

3D simulation: not a privilege for large companies

The 3D simulation seems to be, from the first look, a complicated and special method, which is only suited for large companies. Yet, the software can be used regardless of the company size and the number of employees and considerable success achieve. The method can apply personnel from the logistics and production area. This eliminates special training for employees, also software specialists will not be required. In addition, 3D visualization is affordable for all firms, this comes movement in the classic corporate planning.

Take advantage of the many possibilities of the 3D simulation:

  1. Material flow can be realistically reproduced
  2. Quality presentations with export from video sequences
  3. Avoid errors with the commissioning of new plants
  4. Planning of buildings, production and processes on the computer before you really implement it
  5. Increase of the economic benefit and reduce of the costs through optimization of the business


Goals of the digital factory planning

The possibilities of the 3D simulation produces numerous advantages for businesses.  So above all, the costs and time optimization is at the forefront of technology. Through the simulations software planning, realizations, and start up processes can be portrayed. By testing new processes of production with the software, as well as alternative variants be reliably tested on their operational capability. In addition, it is possible to simulate an optimal area and space utilization, so that firms can make useful modifications. There is also the possibility of the plant design software to achieve a faster exchange of information and effective communication.

Advantages of the 3D simulation

Through simulation software, it is possible to test changes in the processes of the company and to analyze the impact in the virtual world. Due to changes in the components, the optimal system design can be presented without making any changes to the real situation. In new construction or production planning, it is thus possible to examine operations before the area is turned into reality. Depending on how accurate the simulation is set, the more valuable the results. Complicated and confusing solutions, such as Excel spreadsheets, thus eliminating and can be replaced by visually comprehensible representations. In total, more quality and safety can be achieved by the simulation.

Uses and strengths of the taraVRbuilder:

  1. With the taraVRbuilders, it is possible without programming and 3D design from a large amount of existing virtual manufacturing and flow of material components via drag and drop access and with these objects build a development together
  2. The application can be operated without a programmer or CAD knowledge. Results can be simulated directly in the simulation software. You see, for instance, if a material jammed, or the delay of a worker from mounting material. Thereby you accomplish a planning and investment security with material flow planning.
  3. The taraVRbuilder enables through the graphics an attractive presentation that is understandable for everyone.  In basic steps, a simple simulation from conveyor and productions process can be copied. Quick initial successes are thus recorded, without any deeper incorporation into the capabilities of the software. A material flow simulation can be carried out with the program
  4. Other strengths of our simulation software are its ease of use, design and procurement price

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