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Finally – the new taraVRbuilder 2020 is available!

Effective 3D-VR-presentation , -planning and -simulation for logistic and production

With our virtual-reality softwaretool you can realise effectively and quickly your project specific solutions with low financing costs and low IT qualification level.

With the new version 2020 again we have successfully realised some of our customers wishes and developed new features.


What’s new?

  • Photorealistic rendering of projects - representativ and high-resolution images of planned systems are possible
  • AutoCAD-Plugin for AutomationML – for bidirectionally exchanging 3D blocks between AutoCAD and taraVRbuilder. With this plugin 3D VR scenes can be generated, virtually automatic, from your 2D AutoCAD layouts.
  • Import of products from eCataloge in taraVRbuilder (efficient planning thanks to integration of 3D objects)
  • Complex simultaneous operation of several cranebridges with several trolleys on one crane runway with overlapping work areas and various control strategies for simulating chained processes – also possible for shifting shuttles and rack feeders
  • Import of customized 3D-geometrics components of bridge cranes, shifting shuttles and rack feeders
  • Extensive activation of the redesigned undo / redo function (includes various change steps; much faster than in earlier program versions)
  • Improvements in handling and for usage of VR headsets (Oculus, Oculus Rift S, HTC Vive)

Is your taraVRbuilder hotline and update service active?

Then you must have received the download links for your dongle activation and the new version in the last weeks. If you want to upgrate your license please contact us.

You would like to test the new version?

Please download and install 10 days trial version of „taraVRbuilder 2020“ here. It also works even if you had already installed an earlier version one day.

Any questions?

Please contact us!

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