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GLX Global Logistic Sevices GmbH deepens cooperation through strategic partnership

Following a successful partnership lasting more than five years tarakos GmbH and GLX Global Logistic Services GmbH take the next step. Both companies will deepen their cooparation through a strategic partnership.

GLX Global Logistic Services GmbH creates regularly 3D layout solutions, simulation models and animated 3D visualisations with the software "taraVRbuilder" developed by tarakos. This helps them to improve the communication in acquisition, consulting and plant optimisation. The detailed plant display with all its intralogistic processes helps especially external persons and decision makers quickly getting an idea of the planned logistics plant.

GLX Bild

The linked video shows a storage concept implemented by GLX for the the company Knorr-Bremse also one of tarakos long-term customers.

The tarakos GmbH receives valuable and direct user feedback combined with branch-specific expertise in order to develop the software taraVRbuilder continuously and in a targeted way. The strategic partnership is an expression of the intensification of the future cooperation in the fields of development, market recognition and customer acquisition.