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Tarakos visualizes RFID technology at LIGNA 2015


How can the traceability in real-time with radio frequency identification (RFID) be implemented, find out in Hannover from May 11 – 15, 2015.

Together with abaco information system, tarakos GmbH will be represented at this year’s LIGNA 2015. At this world trade fair for forestry and wood industry, the taraVRbuilder will be presented at stand D60 in hall 17. With this software, production systems and material flow systems of the furniture industry can be simulated and optimized. 3D scenarios can be created that can be viewed with a head-mounted display like OCULUS Rift.

Optimization through taraVRbuilder

At LIGNA 2015, within the RFID-factory, all phases of an integrated supply chain of furniture production will be presented. Starting from the fallen tree, over the woodworking and completion of furniture, to the furniture pieces in distribution and eventually in the customer’s home. All these stations have been regulated with the cost effective and extensive taraVRbuilder. 2D planes of a finished hall can be assembled with production and logistical components, which will be provided in the 15 software libraries with more than 500 objects.

Individual adaptation are possible with a few clicks: without previous knowledge, one can learn how to handle the program within a short time period. So processes can be quickly visualized and optimized, without having to interfere with the operation. Therefore, costs will be saved, completely without risks and production interruptions.

Exhibition of the RFID action area

In the RFID-factory at the LIGNA 2015, practical solutions to optimize furniture production will be shown. To avoid incomplete deliveries, lost specialty parts, or production interruptions because of stock differences, the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system must depict at any time the reality in manufacturing, inventory management, orders received, and deliveries. This traceability in real-time along with the networked process chain can be reached with RFID technology. Therefore, tarakos together with the Fraunhoffer Institution IFF developed a library of virtual RFID components.

Now the taraVRbuilder transmission and receiver areas, which spread radio waves and identify potential overreach, can improve positioning and interpretation of RFID components. On a virtual model of the booth the visitor will recognize how the different production and logistical systems including the RFID components can be posed:  Set the 3D display on Oculus Rift and wander through the virtual exhibition, parallel to reality.

Looking forward to an appointment with you

In context of the RFID-factory, tarakos shows how in the manufacturing of furniture through optimization precious resources can be saved. Through the visualization and simulation, the example can be experience first-hand. So time and money can be saved and serious mistakes can be avoided. The RFID-factory D60 in hall 17 will be a focal point for the visitors in the context of LIGNA's "networked manufacturing" guided tours.

Appointments for individual presentation of the products from tarakos GmbH, can be gladly arranged.

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