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Release taraVRbuilder 2023!

The new taraVRbuilder 2023 is released. Here are the new features.

1. Integrated analysis tool for plant optimization (Statistics Analyzer*)

Stats Analyzer   

In order to analyze and optimize plants better statistical data will now be recorded in the system. Data is not only displayed live but can be displayed in an additional application for further analyzations e.g. to determine lead times.

Acquisition of data:

  • time of occurance and emission of conveying goods on individual conveying lines
  • timing and duration of accumulations – for which duration a good could not be delivered      

Production of usage statistics for the following models:

  • straight conveyor lines
    • current capacity (amount)
    • occupancy with n goods (accumulated duration)
    • blockages (= emission is not possible): discrete points in time and respective durations
  • worker
  • shifting shuttle
  • rack feeder (LHE)

(* can be found in the Start menu of Windows taskbar. Please note that you need .net 6.0 to run it. You can download it here.)


2. 3D-annotation tags for better orientation in 3D-scenes

annotation tags  
  • sources
  • trigger points
  • processing positions
  • stand-by positions
  • distribution exit points (with distinction of distribution strategies: percentage, alternating, …)
  • (implicit) sinks


3. Extensions for crane applications

Coil Lager


The following warehouse models were developed for quick and user-friendly displaying of transport processes with cranes:

Coil Storage:

  • lying coils in multiple layers
  • different diameters of coils possible

Blocklager   Block Storage:
  • stacking of goods in user defined grids
  • targeted crane movements to free positions (place in) or stored goods (place out) through direct communivation between storage objects and crane


4. Interfaces

taraXchange Schaubild  
  • importformats for CAD data: step
  • new: opened AutoCAD projects/layouts can be now directly transferred to taraVRbuilder. Previous saving of  AutoCAD data is not needed anymore.




5. Extension of library Overhead monorail, Power&Free

  • all overhead monorail models (straight lines, curves, bows):
    • variable lengths of stowage places possible
    • setting of minimum duration or retention time in a section of the system
  • extension of bow switches:
    • additional parameters allow a more detailed configuration of measurements and therefore the adaptation to CAD measurements of manufacturers.
    • option for  generic displaying of drives for switching operations
    • rotation of vehicles/hangers/lifting accessories can be influenced through the additional parameter differential angle (previously it was only possible for curves).
  • straight line bidirectional:
    • vehicles/hangers/lifting accessories can be rotated during movements along the straight line by an userdefined angle about a vertical axis (new parameter differential angle).
  • turn switch:
    • the frame can be switched off analogous to the switches.
  • station:
    • new behaviour parameter: possible selection whether the entire station (rail) or the lifting accessory or good should rotate. If the lifting accessory does not support the rotation itself at least the good on the lifting accessory will rotate.
  • new parameterisable vehicle "Stick":
    • applicable for overhead monorail and floor track


6. Extension of sources, stores and racks

Regal AP  
  • individual output rates can be defined for each good type or for a group of good types
  • parallel processing in so-called jobs


  • generating/removing of good type1 every 120s
  • generating/removing of good type2 every 700s
  • racks are no longer static but part of the material flow. Groups of differently configured racks can be connected to (multiple) rack feeders via a single connection piont. All shelving spaces are automatically approached individually.


7. Trigger points (event-based starting of sources and setting of dwell and throughput times)

 trigger points

  • use case: event-based production of goods
    • If a conveyed item passes this trigger point the associated source generates a new conveyed item.
    • setting at the trigger point: „start source“
  • use case: minimum throughput or dwell time in a specific area of the system,  e.g. passage through oven, drying path, etc.
    • conveyed goods that pass this trigger point are provided with a time stamp
    • straights and curves of horizontal conveying and overhead monorail library with new parameter „minimum transit time“ stopp goods at the specific area output until the minimum stay is reached
    • setting at the trigger point: „start source“


8. Bearbeitungsstationen

working station gesamt

  • selection and weighting of processes with equal incoming goods:
    • so far always alternating process sequence
    • new: process selection based on weighted probability
    • use cases: determination of NOK rates on machines, weighting of picking processes


9. Improvements in handling

  • completion of undo/redo – feature
  • transmitting attributes between multiple objects
  • change via multiselect for multiple objects for legs parametrization:
    • change in leg hight or base hight
    • change in leg distance or leg angle
    • delete angle
  • extension of repair center:
    • reset all program settings to factory settings
  • extension of program settings:
    • new field "display" with selection field 
    • new shortcuts "F8" (program settings) and "Ctrl + R" (repair center) open the dialogue window within the visible frame of the screen.
    • "open dialog windows on primary screen". Here you can set that windows should always open on the primary screen. Thus they should always appear within the visible frame.
    • automatic location correction and possibly resizing of dialogues on changing screens
  • multi models (multi portal etc.): If you click any component of a multi model  in the 3D window while holding down the key combination CTRL+ Shift not only the component itself but the entire model is selected.
  • framework - frame: switching of the selected frame (and therefore possibly transferring properties from one frame to another) is now multi-select-capable
  • framework - legs: all legs-functions have been made multi-select-capable
    • change in leg hight or base hight
    • change in leg distances and angles (for curves)
    • insert legs
    • delete legs
    • align legs (centered outside, centered inside, left-aligned, ight-aligned)