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Tarakos supports Italian student racing team


From the university to the racetrack - that is possible and becomes a real event on campuses all over Europe.

The Formula Student is an international construction championship for students, where teams plan, construct, and finance a racing car, with which they are finally competing on the racetrack. Therefore not only the performance on the circuit becomes the main objective of the competition, the total package comes into play: a solid financial foundation becomes as important as a good sales pitch or the planning process of the car. In this year tarakos supports the Italian Sapienze Corse Racing Team with a license of the taraVRbuilder 2016.

Concept visualization with the taraVRbuilder

With the help of the taraVRbuilder the Italian team produced a high-quality 3D-visualization of their construction plants and their respective processes. At the competition for the best business plan of all teams, the Italian students scored with the use of the taraVRbuilder 2016. The team had to impress a jury, to invest in their concept and plans. By using the software to plan the construction plants of the “GAJARDA 2016” racer in 3D and exporting a video for their presentation, the Sapienza Corse Racing Team could excite and persuade the jury. All working processes could be visualized and possible problems could already be eliminated before construction. This shows the distinctive feature of the Formula Student: even the best concept fails due to insubstantial funding or inaccurate planning.

On tracks all over Europe

For the Formula Student the teams are on the road all over Europe. The racetracks and venues might seem familiar to motorsport fans: this season will stop in Hockenheim, Spielberg or Silverstone. By competing, the Sapienze Corse Racing Team will learn to work interdisciplinary and to tackle challenges beyond the everyday life at university. Teamwork, communication, independence and personal responsibility are important traits that will be encouraged through the competition.

The taraVRbuilder 2016 has been an important keystone for the team, to adequately plan and visualize their realization process. The workflow has been optimized with the help of the numerous features of the software, e.g. could the CAD data of the racer directly be imported in the taraVRbuilder and did not need a long-winded transformation.

Tarakos GmbH wishes all the best for the Italian students of the Sapienze Corse Racing Team and their racer “GAJARDA 2016”!