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We proudly present: The new taraVRbuilder 2016


With the constant further development of the taraVRbuilder tarakos answers customer wishes and implements new technological possibilities into the software.

By doing that the company reacts to the current developments in the IT and logistics sector. With the update the taraVRbuilder 2016 gets numerous innovations, which increase the software’s range and make the programme more user-friendly. Amongst other things the new version makes it possible to turn objects in 3D, integrates a statistical function for workers and the CP-ID is now being displayed. Users can create virtual production and logistics sites faster, easier and more effectively.

New features for improved usability

The improvements of the taraVRbuilder 2016 don’t only extend the software with smart features but they also improve user-friendliness. With the new shortcuts planners can work more conveniently and efficiently. The turning of objects in 3D allows the user to directly connect objects to the connection point. After enabling the function the object can be tuned around the selected CP with a virtual ring. Additionally it is now possible to use the same waypoints for different routes. Until now separate waypoints had to be generated for routes within path networks.

Summary of improvements of the updated 2016 version:

  • New shortcuts make it possible to work more effectively
  • The turning of objects is now possible in 3D
  • The project tree has been revised extensively
  • New extensions for working station, loading and unloading station
  • A statistic function for workers allows for a detailed analysis

Working more efficiently with the taraVRbuilder 2016

Innovations in the project tree make it possible to open or close the entirety of subprojects via a context menu. While loading projects the current state of the project tree of subprojects can be restored with the taraVRbuilder 2016. Within the range of control strategy empty lines of unused goods can be turned off now. With the taraVRbuilder 2016 users can rely on extensive software for planning production and logistics sites which includes a versatile library of objects, creates impressive presentations of the virtual site and allows for more safety in planning and investing.

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