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taraVRbuilder 2015 Update brings numerous improvements

Through the continuous development of the taraVRbuilder, tarakos GmbH implements numerous customer wishes and responds to further technical developments.

With the 2015 version, many alterations in the software will be implemented which increases range and improves user friendliness. With the new features, it is even easier to plan virtual dynamic production and logistic constructions and to analyze the scenarios. The 3D visualization is suited for logistics, factory planning, and much more.

taraVRbuilder 2015 offers support for Occulus Rift

With the taraVRbuilder 2015, users have the opportunity to use the VR-glasses, Oculus. With these 3D glasses, users see the scenario directly before their eyes and must not observe the “digital factory” through a computer screen. It offers the user a complete new picture of the factory and the immediate discovery of the animations and allows a higher degree of immersion. You will not only be looking at a 3D scene, but rather find yourself in the middle. A useful and exciting function, which disburdens the creation and building of factories and potential clients will be inspired.

Alterations in the taraVRbuilder 2015 in an overview:

  • Immersion in a 3D scene with support from the VR-glasses Oculus Rift
  • Addition to the product library with many new elements
  • Improved video editor with export function in different quality levels
  • Save the project in different data forms
  • Problem adjustment and optimize the software

User friendliness and range developed

The Oculus Rift Support offers the taraVRbuilder 2015 version many new elements which increases the range of products in the library. Added models, like channel and satellite vehicles, framework, shuttle vehicles, and scaffolding will be implemented in the 2015 version. In addition to existing elements, useful improvements have been made. Any number of breakthroughs to the "Model Wall" can now be added, while the user can place them individually. Furthermore, it now assumes the support of the last project so that other levels, like landing platforms, can be built more easily and quickly, without the need to manually adjust. This increases the user friendliness and provides smooth work with the taraVRbuilder 2015.

Video function clearly developed

An important feature that will clearly be improved and developed in the 2015 version:  the video creation. Users now have many more customization options and can implement individual wishes more quickly and effectively. Help objects and elements for the creation of a video can be faded out and the beginning of the frame can now be freely picked. The handling time of the video frame will be indicated in a dialogue window in the taraVRbuilder 2015. The animation beginning, however, is activated only after the selected delay. Furthermore, an optional time factor can be picked. The transient oscillation of the frame occurs in the time-lapse, while the video recording can be performed in real time. In additon, the taraVRbuilder2015 proceeds with the development of technology: with the new version, users can export the videos in “Quad HD”, “Ultra HD”, and “4K”. The videos can be played back on suitable hardware in a higher quality.

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