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Material flow analysis - operational organisation in logistics

  • Definition approach for the material flow analysis
  • Industrial applications
  • Logistics applications
  • Advantages and limitations of the material flow analysis
  • Material flow analysis using software

What is material flow analysis?

The material flow costs can continue to be determined using software for the material flow analysis and allocated to other areas, processes, and departments. This analysis is therefore also used to save substantial time, resources, and costs. This analysis is also a fundamental aspect for the strategy and long-term planning of material process steps. The material flow planning is often performed using special software.

Material flow analysis in the Industry

Material flow analysis plays an important role in industry. First, there is a detailed inventory of the current situation of a production chain. For example, the flow of goods between producers, suppliers, storage locations, and customers in a coordinated and controlled manner.

Material flow planning is especially used for early and long-term planning of production and assembly systems. All work processes from material delivery and storage to processing to delivery are taken into account for this - technical, organisational, and economical.

Material flow analysis in logistics

Material flow analysis using software in logistics is an especially decisive factor in this complex field. The exterior and interior operational logistics can thus be planned and optimised in the long-term in a manageable way.
Especially with dynamic factors such as increasing sales, fluctuating demand, increased logistics costs, strong expansion or emergency scenarios such as transport strikes or storms, costs, resources, and time frames can be better planned and alternatives designed.

What tasks can material flow analysis take on in the areas of industry and logistics?

Due to the constantly changing and growing demands of production processes in industry and logistics, the material flow analysis is an important factor for always adapting production, transport, and storage operations to the prevailing conditions on time. For example, delays in the flow of materials can be avoided as well as unnecessary standstills and waiting times. In addition, the costs for production, storage, packaging, and transportation can be reduced and unnecessary price increases can be avoided or kept low.

What advantages does the material flow analysis include?

Due to the material flow analysis, ways to optimise are constantly being sought, for example by reducing costs and lead times or by reducing stocks. The entire transportation and production process can be optimised and improved using this software, and critical points in the material flow can be eliminated on time.

The planners can develop different scenarios to get financial, time, and material comparisons in order to look for alternatives and emergency solutions, for example. This reduces the overall risks of damage, downtime, and additional costs.

What limits exist for the material flow analysis of industrial and logistics systems?

The material flow analysis assists production and logistics in all stages of planning immensely, but cannot fully rule out all errors and uncertainties. The limits of any software are in a final version and consideration of all factors of a process, because it cannot account for all possible disruptive factors.

In particular, technical problems, staff strikes, or sudden impacts due to political and market changes that cannot be foreseen can never be ruled out. Comprehensive and realistic planning data is therefore always in demand, but the human experience from the past should also be included as much as possible to minimise risks.

Material flow analysis using software

Due to the graphic representations and modelling of material flows using software, these processes and interdependencies are depicted clearly and understandably. It is therefore easier for the planners and strategists to find and eliminate any weak points.

In particular, complex processes can be clearly depicted with the material flow analysis software and modelled - including in the form of different components such as:

  • Rooms
  • Time slots
  • Sizes
  • Dimensions
  • Speeds
  • and temperatures

How can material flow analysis be done with software from Tarakos?

The comprehensive software from Tarakos is ideal for a professional and reliable material flow analysis and provides great value for the needs of planners. With the program, it is easy to model complex and far-reaching material flow analyses in a graphically clear and understandable way.

All models can be presented in a versatile manner, with photos, graphics, and videos, as well as spatial 2D or 3D animations. In particular for outsiders such as members of other departments, it is therefore a great advantage to present and understand this form of analysis with simplified diagrams or models.

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