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Process presentation in industry and business

This type of presentation was first developed in 2002 by an IBM employee and later released and updated by the Business Process Management Initiative ( Since 2006, the BPMN has been an officially recognised standard in industry, IT, and business. The semantics of the BPMN can be transferred to many computer languages and software programs.

What is the process presentation?

The principle of the process presentation or BPMN is the presentation of business processes, i.e. an entire and complex series of interrelated activities in a graphical chart. All activities and each production step can be directly assigned to a unit involved in this process. Additional divisions in subunits are also very possible. The presentation and interaction rules required for this are thereby clearly defined.

Where is the process presentation used?

The fields of application of the process presentation or process design are extremely versatile and particularly widely used in production, industry, and manufacturing. This type of graphical process management is also in teaching and science, logistics, research and technology, in marketing, in architecture, in medicine and in managing hospitals.

Process presentation in logistics

Process presentation has an important role in inter-company logistics and industry. Due to increasing globalisation and the associated complexity of business processes, a compact and clear presentation of this creation chain is necessary.

This means process diversity can be illustrated in a clear way. To do this it is necessary to keep track of a variety of product variants and ever faster product and innovation cycles in business, from manufacturing to logistics. This also guarantees the right quantity of production processes to be on time in order to always keep up with the competition factor.

Methods and techniques of the process presentation

The presentation of the process also covers complex processes transparently and comprehensibly and thus enables alternatives to be prepared, vulnerabilities identified, and the entire process optimised. Information and material flows and services that interact with each other can also be portrayed.

The analyses, assessments, planning, and managing processes can thus be ideally carried out well with all aspects clearly depicted. The following elements feed into this method and always stay up to date:

  • Time slots
  • Quantities
  • External influence
  • CostsPersonnel
  • Operating costs

Which tasks does the process presentation take on?

The tasks of process presentation can be found in many industries and areas of economic processes. This starts with human resources or personnel plans and covers everything from bookkeeping and management to the boardroom. Production and logistics especially rely on these methods of presentation, in order to have all aspects on hand from the material to the management at a glance. Especially with the establishment of new, extended, and modified processes, this visualisation gives a quick overview and incorporates everything involved.

What advantages does a good presentation of the process entail?

With a good presentation of the process, it is significantly easier to maintain an overview and control of diverse and complex processes. The individual interfaces and connections to each other can be easily and quickly detected and any errors and weaknesses can be identified at an early stage.

This presentation is essential for the process to run smoothly. Reviews, evaluations, and analyses are easier, optimisations can be more targeted, and costs, hours, consumption, and personnel can be planned and calculated in advance.

Are there limits to the process presentation?

Even the best and most current presentation of the process is limited. This method always depicts an actual state and cannot take into account all external influences that may lead to a production or transport standstill, for example. In this respect, good experience from the past is an important factor in the background in order to be able to regulate in an emergency.

What does the process presentation using software look like?

Good, compact, and professional software is the best medium for a modern presentation of the process. Using multiple visualisations such as

  • Graphics
  • Images
  • Tables
  • Charts
  • Texts
  • Videos
  • Presentations

a process can be prepared in such a way as the company wants and the understanding of all those involved is ideally accommodated. The technical bases and compatibility with computer systems, terminals, and databases can also be taken into account.

Our taraVRbuilder helps companies in business process management

Business process management describes, documents, and monitors processes in businesses. The aim is to optimise various processes that interact. Business process management emphasises that the various functions and tasks are distributed across multiple organisational units. TaraVRbuilder can present various processes in a 3D visualisation and thus improve business process management.

Modern business process management can be visualised through the pit stop of a racing car: the driver is a customer who expects a performance in the box. Every technician knows their job and knows exactly how their performance affects the overall result. Following the pit stop, the team can analyse and improve performance. Business process management is thus the connection between strategy development and application design.

Effective business process management covers three areas:

  1. Process delimitation
  2. Process presentation
  3. Process management

This is followed by the Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN). Process models should be easily understood and accepted by all parties. With the taraVRbuilder, companies can easily and quickly visualise their process view in a 3D environment. Processes are thus shown prior to their implementation, especially in production, manufacturing, and industry. As well as incoming goods to production to outgoing goods as required.