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Efficient production planning with help from software


Production planning and control is used among other things in the spatial, temporal and operational planning, management and control in many areas - and increasingly it comes to production planning software for use.

What is the production planning?

The operative production planning affects the construction of buildings and factory similarly like the production of merchandise and property, the logistic, intra-logistic and administration for all processes. These production processes are closely linked, it’s a question of these plans for a complex discipline. For this reason planners and designers install a production planning software with which you can plan and implement comprehensive, three-dimensional construction.

Production planning in the Industry and Logistic

Just as industry and logistics the productions planning is indispensable. In this case, all the manufacturing and assembly processes are considered as well as the necessary maintenance and repairs and all connected company departments.

Some examples are:

  • Storage capacity
  • Conveyors
  • Transport routes
  • Workshops
  • Distribution centers
  • Transportation hubs
  • To roads, railways, ports and airports containers

The software for production planning allows the planners, all of the steps in the block-box principle, quick and implement clear and to create models.
Factories and manufacturing facilities can with this 3D planning software efficiently a three-dimensional master are calculated and presented graphically, which tracks all systems and associated sets to each other.

How can software support production planning?

A good planning software if the most important work tool in conceptual design and implementation of production or a construction project, for example a factory. New work and construction for example will be with the software simulated through a three dimensional model.

These include all important data and parameters, like:

  • All dimensions
  • Time of production
  • Performance limit

And more factors like:

  • Outages
  • Influences
  • And the required personal

On the basis such a model can help with the 3D design software also several alternative versions and calculated, created and compared to each other.

Which duties and problems will manage aid to production planning software?

By this strictly defined criteria can by the productions plan over the software a priority the planning steps determined and also an emergency plan, if something should differ. Similarly like by the material flow simulation can all require materials, costs, and resources previously realistically calculated and compared.

The professional software calculates the best solution based on the specified values, preferences, and goals. Thus, not only a spatial planning project is being developed but also targets a complete strategy for the control of all processes and the desired production numbers and goals.

Which disciplines includes software for production planning?

Production planning software provides users with a complete calculation and display of construction projects as well as of complex production processes. These are, inter alia, the planners Pictures, graphics, videos, texts, overviews and 2D and 3D simulations. For the creation of an animated model it can be connected to the central management computer for feeding data and material and use.

Production can be played through this in various and diverse scenarios. This is particularly advantageous when a new system is taken during normal daily business in operation, or if an existing and ongoing investment modified or extended. The logistical access to plant and production can be calculated and displayed accordingly.

What advantages does a good production plan bring?

  1. A good production planning software provides users with many valuable benefits. Using the simulation model can produce the planners calculate a full day program with the full production, resources and transport routes - and consequently eg the necessary personnel and resources determine.
  2. You will receive realistic values and the calculation of lead times, the use of facilities or the order of operation. Thus, all production steps can be optimized and compared with alternative scenarios. Another valuable benefit is the evaluation of any system malfunctions and in the creation of emergency plans and solution scenarios in case of failures and bottlenecks.

What disadvantages does a deficient production plan bring?

The best planning is not always perfect. In order to make a realistic production planning and control, the software has to offer as many scenarios in order to generate many scenarios and alternatives. If planning software makes only vague and inaccurate models, the actual implementation differs faster from the actual plans.

What are the limits in production planning using software?

The digital production planning has its limits - just like any other simulation software, as well as visualization software, these programs also require extensive, precise and complex data, figures and information. If they are not, or insufficiently available, the software in production planning and factory scheduling can only begin to design a realistic model as the basis for the implementation spite of all content and blocks.
Therefore, all the necessary numbers, good research, emergency scenarios and own experience from the past are the foundations for a functioning planning a production planning system.