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taraVRsoftware and individual taraVRbuilder-library

Product, function and license adjustments of taraVRsoftware

You want more features in our software tools, an integration into your IT-world or an embedding of our software functions into your software? You want to have licensing models designed according to your needs, e.g. individual licenses within a framework agreement or as a buyout without piece count and time limit? No problem! We as a manufacturer of tarakos software tools have the know-how and specialists to tailor our products individually.  

In the automotive industry, within CNC pipe bending machine simulations or in the virtual commissioning, a number of customers have already benefited from our flexibility.

Your individual taraVRbuilder library

You want to integrate your own machinery and equipment with your animated function and "lock & feel" into the taraVRbuilder library with its various elements and functions in order to install your components quickly and easily in the context?  

Alternatively, it is possible that other taraVRbuilder users - for example, your potential customers - can use your components in virtual systems. We have developed many special libraries in this form and the public have been given access to them on request (e.g. for the company Europa-systems, LTW, ECONFENCE, etc.). An update is enough, and your library is available to any user of taraVRbuilder.

Or we set up taraVRbuilder in such a way that your library is available exclusively to you (realized e.g. for the company Stoecklin, SSI Schäfer, Doppstadt, SMB, etc.).