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Cooperation with KUKA Systems GmbH

Cooperation with KUKA Systems GmbH – Article from journal IT&Production

More and more companies face industrial challenges and discover its diverse opportunities. This is a very pleasing development, as "Industry 4.0” becomes more relevant than ever! With the taraVRbuilder,  tarakos GmbH allows companies to create modern 3D-simulations and offers an efficient way to plan their production and material flow planning process.
KUKA Systems GmbH sees itself as pioneers of “Industry 4.0” and aims to give distinction to its development. Therefore the company created in cooperation with tarakos and taraVRbuilder a three-dimensional model of a project, to form an interactive fair experience.

>> The journal IT&Production covers this special cooperation in its current issue (7+8/2016) <<

Convincing presentation of KUKA Systems’ concepts

KUKA continuously develops new technologies that offer efficient solutions for recurring processes. At the firm’s location in Augsburg the project “Matrix-Karosseriebau®” for the automobile industry has been developed. This concept bases on standardized production cells that can be arranged on a grid pattern in nearly in any order and fulfill diverse construction tasks. A warehouse that holds all relevant components and directly supplies the production process is directly connected to this production center.

For a realistic simulation and first-time public presentation at the Hannover industry fair, tarakos GmbH has been assigned to create a 3D-visualization that qualitatively resembles Matrix-Karosseriebau® virtually.

In cooperation with KUKA engineers the taraVRbuilder library has been extended with respective robots and further features. Now the company possesses a modern 3D-visualization of its project. Therefore on the one hand fair visitors and other interested obtain a direct insight in the scenery with the help of 3D-glasses, on the other hand also arbitrary sequences can be exported as videos.

You can read a detailed article about the cooperation of tarakos GmbH and KUKA Systems and discover more about the efficient implementation of the concept for Matrix-Karosseriebau® in the current issue of IT&Production (7+8/2016).